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  1. Big 9 Is Crumbling

    06/16/07 15:10:49 | 1 Comments

    A blog post by Flint Journal writer Bill Khan is stating that 6 of the remaining Big 9 schools are applying to the Flint Metro League.

    If the league does fall apart, then Flint Powers should go to the Catholic League where a division of ND Prep,...
  2. Brother Rice No Longer Participating in Herbstreit Challenge

    05/15/07 21:12:10 | 0 Comments

    If anyone cares, Brother Rice is playing Cincinnati Winthrop, a Cincy PSL team, Week 2 here in Michigan.
  3. CHSL Intersectional 1 and 2

    05/10/07 02:39:00 | 0 Comments

    Guessing by the CHSL schedule, I would venture to guess that the divisions would break down as follows:

    Intersectional 1

    Bishop Foley
    Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard
    Detroit Loyola
    Notre Dame Prep
    Riverview Gabriel Richard

    Intersectional 2

    Allen Park Cabrini
    Cardinal Mooney
    Waterford Our Lady of Lakes
    Light & Life/Mt. Carmel
    Royal Oak Shrine
    Detroit Urban Lutheran

    It looks as though both...
  4. CHSL Prep Bowl

    05/10/07 02:34:06 | 0 Comments

    The schedule on the CHSL website must be an older version since they still have Brother Rice playing Cincinnati LaSalle and for some reason have CC playing Detroit Southeastern, instead of Detroit Southwestern. Another interesting bit I noticed - I thought CC would play Brother Rice in the Boys Bowl this year, but apparently CC is going to play OLSM instead Week 6 for its annual Boys Bowl game and play Brother Rice on a Saturday night at CC. By the way Searn, at the bottom of the Central...
  5. More on Merchant

    05/06/07 15:52:08 | 1 Comments

    I got word last week through a couple of people that Scott Merchant was going back to Brother Rice, most notably from an athletic director in the CHSL who was telling people this was a done deal.

    While a couple of other people tried to refute the information, as time went on last week, more and more people were coming out and saying Coach Merchant was leaving and going to Brother Rice. As I looked closer at the situation, there were one factor and one item I saw that made me think a...
  6. Scott Merchant Leaves U of D Jesuit

    05/06/07 15:38:46 | 0 Comments

    This time it's for real - Scott Merchant has left U of D Jesuit and is going to his alma mater Brother Rice to be counselor and assistant coach.

    Good luck to Coach Merchant and Good Luck to U of D Jesuit in getting a new coach.
  7. CHSL Blog

    05/02/07 16:24:55 | 1 Comments

    Since it's the in thing to do, I might as well start a blog as well.

    One bit of information as well - seems as though the Catholic League Classic which took place the last two years at Ford Field during Week 4 of the football season is now a thing of the past. The teams will now play each other where the two teams were supposed to in 2005. So that means Divine Child will play OLSM at OLSM, DLS will play UD at Fitzgerald High School, and yes, Brother Rice will play Catholic...

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